2014-15 - Lectures

The aim of the following set of lectures is to discuss the function of the mimbar in the KSIM community, the need to establish guidelines for it, the role of holy figures today, tackling contemporary issues and the way in which it can evolve to meet new intellectual and socio-political challenges.

JANUARY 2015 - The Concept of Azadari (Gujarati) (Hujjat Islamic Centre, London)

This lecture explains how "Azadari" of Imam Hussein a.s. is viewed within the two major Muslim sects. It is an institution which is alive and has the potential to bring about unity within Muslim Umma.

Link: http://youtu.be/FQtOg6I8b-8

NOVEMBER 2014: Unity and Progress for the Community - Reunion Island (Gujarati) (Reunion Island):

Part 1: http://youtu.be/vWfOLUHpsKI
Part 2: http://youtu.be/qxKi2PRooDw

OCTOBER 2014: Book Launch - "Crying out for Freedom - The Event of Forced Marriages in 1970s - Zanzibar" - (Hujjat, Stanmore, UK)


Link: http://youtu.be/fS7CzuGZoSc

This book is a humble contribution to our understanding in the history of Zanzibar from 1970-1980. It recounts the inconceivable abduction of four Zanzibari girls of Iranian origin, their forcible marriage and subsequent endeavors to free them. it's a retelling of accounts by Politicians, Human Rights activists, News Media reporters, the girls' families, and also how the local community campaigned to highlight the girls' plight and fought for their release....

- Genocide Memorial Day: Qur'anic View on the Development of Nations, London, UK


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