Survey 1 - The Project

Survey conducted on the importance of the Madrasah, Mimbar and Family Unit in the KSIMC (December 2013)

(with thanks to the youths of Leicester Jamaat)

1. What is your age group?


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2. What is your gender?


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3. Do you consider that the Family Unit of our community, Madressa for our children and Mimbar which provides religious guidance are core foundations of our community?


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4. Are these core foundations, family unit, mimbar, and madressa able to sufficiently overcome the challenges that we are facing today?


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5. Do you agree that we as a community still need to prioritise further these core foundations in order to provide spiritually stable environment for our children and the future generation to come?


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6. Do we need a dynamic board at the Management/Executive level of the Jamaat consisting of the representative/s from Families, Madressa and Mimber to tackle social issues such as poverty in the family, breakdown of marriage, social and depression issues among the youth, needs of the elderly and many such issues etc as a matter of priority?


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7. Your comments?


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Open-Ended Question




10/11/13 2:10PM
ID: 8266719

Salaamun alaykum

We need to put more efforts to enhance the TRUE PATH of ISLAM in the community and not to SHY OFF from the TRUE PATH as taught by Quran and Prophet (S) and Imams (as).

Problems i find is that we have entered to learn ISLAM through the wrong door which is being led by not qualified personalities within KSI Jamaats globally.

We need to change the learning opportunities by teaching children full time religion with the language of Quran which is ARABIC at the same time academic studies to be taught in English / French / Germany etc...

Our next generations is being seen going on the wrong track because they have not understood ISLAM as a SYSTEM which will make them understand it as a powerful RELIGION which invites TRUTH / DIGNITY / JUSTICE etc....

The community should not be lead by the ELITES otherwise we are resembling the same as the BANI ISRAEL were doing to their community as per QURAN.

May Allah guide the community to change the course of moving forward as ISLAM is a RELIGION of movement and lets move it on next level whereby we can address the entire ISLAM as a system which covers ECONOMIC / SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT / POLITICS / CHARACTER taught by us through NAHJUL BALAGHAH.


10/11/13 2:33PM
ID: 8266760

We Kholas will never improve, the parent's priority is secular education and do not want to pay a panny for religious education, in deed they want teachers to teach fee, you get what you pay for.


10/11/13 2:30PM
ID: 8266776

Major areas missing:

1. Outreach to our Sunni brothers and sisters
2. Outreach to other faiths
3. Other organisations outside the mimbar, family and Madrasah eg links to other partners, student support, youth


10/11/13 4:39PM
ID: 8267139

You have said it all.


10/11/13 6:39PM
ID: 8267518

I fully agree that madrasah and Mimber can be made more relevant to the world we are living in and hence can guide out community better.
As far as the unit of family is concerned I doubt if the KSIM (its management team) can really have an impact on it. Hopefully the Mimber and Madressah might have good influence on the family units as well.
There is an elephant sitting in the room which no one mentions. That is the strong influence of the Marajah. In the past when people have tried to discuss sensitive issues they have been labelled as "Anti religion" and various names have been given, some time at the behest of the Religious leaders. At the core of all this the importance of inculcating some tolerance within the community.


10/11/13 7:55PM
ID: 8267833

yes i feel that a board or a body should be formed, consisting of PAID members who can work only on these issues or VOLUNTARY members who can dedicate 24/7 time for the cause is required


10/11/13 9:33PM
ID: 8268239

Although the needs of each local community are in some ways specific, I am not convinced each local community has the impetus or resources (including qualified/substantive human resources) to tackle these issues. So I salute your resolve in heading this project on a national/international basis.

I wonder if the spectrum of madressa/minbar can be rephrased into an umbrella of 'education', as the both have similar educational goals and values.


10/11/13 11:38PM
ID: 8268607

we are sinking fast behind time and the world is moving ahead!
we need leaders with vision


10/11/13 11:44PM
ID: 8268618

we really need to change every 4 to 5 years resident Alim. we need Alim with going rate of our children needs


11/11/13 4:45AM
ID: 8269016

Something is surely wrong and todays children will surely rebel one day if not already. Our outlook needs changes and we could say we reinvent the Wheel and I say we do not have a wheel. All the best


11/11/13 4:58AM
ID: 8269027

Alhamdulillah we are fortunate to have a system designed by generations before us in the community. WF , Regional Bodies and Jamaats is a good structure to work with .These units lack the professional Management that would deliver cohesion will start working downwards and promote oneness within the Jamaats which will ripple back upwards.
Unlike office Bearers which is voluntary the Management has to be professional with sound qualifications in their own fields.
Put our mind and heart to it and with the Barakah of our Aimas we can reach there


11/11/13 7:04AM
ID: 8269183

An extremely potent subject with the correct research and dissemination techniques, however the political connotations attached to the speaker and the author needs to be reexamined. The public needs to be educated on the independence and political free agenda of the speaker/author .
Awesome job, please keep up the good work!


11/11/13 9:06AM
ID: 8270476

look at other communities how they are operating


11/11/13 9:47AM
ID: 8270799

We definately need an astute dynamic board at varfious levels as a community at large.
We have not kept pace with the changing environment and moreso the needs of our young generation who are and will be the back bone of this community in future worldwide.
Families have/want to take their children out of Jammat Madresha and enrol them in the private sector.One has to ask why?
We have also failed to deliver the lectures from the mimber to inspire the young generation, in short I belive we are losing sight of the way forward as ve don't have a vission statement to work on and to critque/review it regularly.
Some jamaat leader have failed t o consult the families in the basic requirements of our future generation and to this extent, we should invole all at grass root level including the younger generation.
There are also the burning social issues such as break down in marriages, marrying outside the community, poverty depression all compoundede due to austerity measures.
And what about our elders who built the communities world wide and have been forgoten.
I have even heard phrases they they have 'served their purpose' forgeting they have a wealth of experience which is very relevant today as it was in the past and they should not be neglected or forgotten but shoud be given prominance at every stage.
We don't have a working infrasture to support our needy imposed by the goverm


11/11/13 12:02PM
ID: 8272864

I believe that the issues facing us can be resolved in the long term by a mind set change. We need to restructure the Madressa's cirriculum. I feel we need to think outside the box: ansking questions such as
Is what we are teaching the students adequate?
Are we preparing them with the right knowledge?
Do we need to have a national exam probably to the GCSE l/ A level?


11/11/13 2:42PM
ID: 8275011

The mama at has to become all inclusive so that the leaders are available constantly to its members rather than only at the time of general meetings. Criticism and suggestions should also be taken in the spirit in which it is given and not taken personally.


11/11/13 4:08PM
ID: 8275940

more actions - less discussion at the meetings or survey like this
not enough volunteers dedicated in our community to practically solve problems within our community


11/11/13 4:13PM
ID: 8276030

I believe the problems outlined are correct. The solutions need a major rethink.

I have offered my help to understand how to implement this, however you have to find the time to understand the methods to go ahead.


11/11/13 4:53PM
ID: 8276379

Salaam Aleykum
Dear sibtainbhai
Wish you all the sucese with 14 Masumeen Wasila in this
Nobel task you taken up.
With Salaams & Duas


11/11/13 5:15PM
ID: 8276614

Yes we need them but where are we going to find these who will deliver them, There is too much of useless politics in our jamats for egos and power !!!


11/11/13 6:02PM
ID: 8277015

Whilst I admire courageous people trying to reverse the tide, I feel the momentum towards disintegration of our community as we know it in the west is inevitable.


12/11/13 3:53AM
ID: 8279149



12/11/13 10:58AM
ID: 8281316

Respected brother Sibtai,
Salamun alaiykum.

Thank you for your worthy view. It shows the feels for the community. God bless you. Blessed are we under the believers and lovers of Imam Hussain (a.s) whose Hussainyas have kept us united under one roof. We have the same issues globally which no pharmacy has been created nor will be due to personal ballooning.
Having served the community more than 50 years I steel feel we have not crossed the border as the al Hoor did leaving dark days behind for the station of light. .
I pray for your all success.God bless you for the noble cause.


12/11/13 11:56AM
ID: 8281902

I would like to quote a couplet of Allama Iqbal:
Reh gayi rasm e Azaa'n
Rooh e Bilali na rahi.

The need of the hour is to re-ignite the Rooh e Bilali in every child, youth and adult of the Jamaat.


12/11/13 2:30PM
ID: 8283898

This survey is flawed. You have noble intentions but a little more thought into this survey would have been better. It is too simplistic. If I do not quite agree with your basic philosophies then it would then be difficult to keep giving a blanket yes or no. I am a bit disappointed.


12/11/13 10:36PM
ID: 8287740

We are at a real cross roads.
Gone gone gone are the days of 45minute one way lectures that are top down in approach and very disconnected with the audience.

We risk our mosques becoming like churches
Our madressas have not moved in their process.

Our faith is such a power ful that a top down approach does It the biggest disservice.

We are in a dire dire state.


13/11/13 11:43AM
ID: 8291236

We totally lost our ways in the last 20 years mainly due to lack of Sincere leadership and the change in direction of family and social values wherein we have dropped our cultural controls on our children in favour of the decadent western values. which have no controls at all.


13/11/13 4:32PM
ID: 8294066

I am very pleased to learn about this project. There is a priority need to look into improving spritual element of our communities.

The madaris, minabir and jamaats are failing miserably to enhance spiritual element of the community.

The legacy left by our forefathers is being wasted by us all in the name of "modernism" and no wonder our youths are confused and been corrupted.


13/11/13 5:56PM
ID: 8294730

S.A. I had been very unwell for quite awhile hence I have saved your emails but I had no time to go through the. Today I felt a bit better hence I have filled the questionaire.

I will write to you once I have read your views.



13/11/13 6:46PM
ID: 8295078

If we don't start addressing the issues that are facing us now, our community will become extinct and our children will look to other sources for support and a sense of belonging. Thank you for all of your efforts.


14/11/13 12:00PM
ID: 8299028

If we will not do anything regarding this issue
We will make great loss in future few years,
Most essential three things Family,Mimber & Madressa for improvement of
Next youth generation , our community,
For vertues,good manner,politeness,and all
Other good,basic and religious things,Family
Mimber,and Madressa, can teach properly.i believe
These three things must be improved.


14/11/13 3:23PM
ID: 8301107

We need to go above the factors listed which are peripheral at this stage and rediscover our faith as that of Ahlul Bayt (a.s.)


14/11/13 10:41PM
ID: 8303882

The Community needs a leader with vision who will work for the benefit of the community selflessly and with sincerity. He needs to be fair and impartial and stop petty politics of any kind in all community institutions. He needs to inculcate an atmosphere of genuine brotherhood and sisterhood that will banish paranoia and bring about a feeling of belonging to ONE family


15/11/13 11:06AM
ID: 8306261

I am looking for an opportunity to meet with you personally in the following weeks to months to discuss this with you in person, face to face. Do you have any travel plans to come to North America in the near future?


15/11/13 1:42PM
ID: 8307838

With the tides of change around us, we need to be step ahead in reviewing our spiritual sphere from in and out and make it more strong and insular against the negative media and the youth be prepared for the waves of secular ideas that make their way into their brains. Also creation of a fund that caters to the challenges of economic problems and depression. As governments in the west are slowly withdrawing from social services, we have to fill the vaccum with our own resources.


15/11/13 9:30PM
ID: 8311104

Funny survey
I don't know what you are trying to prove from these obvious questions
I say obvious cause they sound like
Do you think quran is important?
Should we recite more quran?


16/11/13 7:00AM
ID: 8312208

Salaams .We need to go with time . And that is Having good leaders WIth Vision & TAQWA. Today we are blessed with so much opportunity but due to our EGO we are failing to achieve


16/11/13 11:24AM
ID: 8313028

For poverty family all members of our community
should set aside Zakat 2 and half percent or more
on daily basis atleast to eradicate powerty in our
All programs of Jamat and Federation should be based on 50 years apart from working on 2 or 3
years term of the Committee,
Education help should be very flexible and not
on current system where jamat and/Federation ask
for strick gurantee of repayment resulting witness
to also give gurantee upon his death. They are so strick on this they want to recover their money
from the grave
What we require is to collect and pay to needy
boys, if not recovered forget and collect more
money from donors,
I know of the community who just pays and send their boys without hesitation.

No Community has society like ours for that
we should only praise Allah (SWT) and be grateful to the Islamic way of our society following the teaching of our Ahlulbait and Mohammed Mustafa saw.
These are my personal comments only
Salams & Duas,


16/11/13 3:55PM
ID: 8313841

Weare in the stage of denial.We as a community think everything okay.We have alchol abuse,drug


16/11/13 4:39PM
ID: 8313982

I do not think that we can eliminate mimber and madressa. We can supplement these with other curriculam (open university) and create other boards to tackle other issues eg poverty,ecomnomic upliftment, etc. Mimber and madressa can improve on what they do and deliver.

The main issue facing the community is politics. If we can over come this, we will collectively go a long way.


16/11/13 6:23PM
ID: 8314369

We must have a long term plan for community and identify needs of the community. Guided by our religious principles first. we are not utilizing the pulpit fully: our preachers must be able to entrench ethics in the lectures. The preachers are far too living in denial.


16/11/13 7:16PM
ID: 8314517

Point 4 - are the core foundations - Family Unit/Mimbar/Madressa - the only considerations that we need to focus on? Could there be other factors to be taken into account?

Point 5 - my comments above partly answer the question posed. I believe it is not entirely in our hands to "provide spiritually stable environment". We definitely need to make allowance for outside influence which will vary from one geographical location to another. We need to be able to contain or to minimize the outside adverse influence which we shall never be able to avoid altogether.

Point 6 - we certainly need that "as a matter of priority"


16/11/13 11:32PM
ID: 8315060

I feel we are addressing the matter at a core level and not at a practical level. At a young age the children attend madresas regularly, however as they become adolescents they get more influenced by the western culture we live in. The community, madressa and masjid should aim at bridging the gap between the western and the religious way of life in order for the youths to find answers to their complex everyday questions.

Secondly our organisations are a group of close knit people who run the organisations with the same group of people not allowing outsiders with fresh and new ideas to contribute to the running of the mosque.

Lastly it has been my experience that my niyaz of chocolates that I got on the 19th Ramazan was not served on the pretext that chocolates were considered "celebratory" to be served on that day; however the next day and on the 21st Ramazan cakes and desserts were served after dinner/iftari on all days. My question: is cake not more celebratory than chocolates?

Our community needs to rise above orthodox views and be logical in our thinking. We need to give precedence to the 'niyat' of the niyaz and not what people deem them to represent.

My views are not meant to offend anyone, but these are the kind of things youths of today when they see in the masjid are unable to understand as it does not appeal to their logic.


16/11/13 11:28PM
ID: 8315098

Our core pillars have served us well for last generation. with our migration to west, I agree, we need to re-evaluate and evolve these pillars that engages our generation and next.


17/11/13 12:45AM
ID: 8315265

We must accept the reality of inter-ethnic marriages in among the Ithna-Asheris to stem marriages outside the fold of Ithna-Ashes This is particularly true in the West where our institutions facilities are availed to Itna-Asheries of all ethnicities
Mimbar must play more dynamic and realistic role to address the real life problems of our society and not simply indulge in intellectual exercise or else our member will become like Christian churches who have condoned every act of inhiraf in the society. Madressa too needs complete overhaul
Internet etc filly made uee of in these respect


17/11/13 10:06AM
ID: 8316244

Apart from the three values outlined above, other cultural values also play an important part in the development of our community. There are numerous bonds which together develop a culture, the most significant bond being language. We are both a religous and cultural community, and values of these should be tackled in tandem, and not on their own.

First and foremost, we need a think tank at the highest level as well as regional levels, who should initially be farsighted enough to see into the long term future model of what the community should be, and then recommend and develop plans of how to arrive at our ideal scenario. There should also be some kind of executive as well inspectorate sections to handle such plans.

A very desirable as well as necessary requirement is day schools upto at least high school level, to be augmented where possible into college/university level.



17/11/13 1:32PM
ID: 8316824

I thank you for your effort and thoughts about our community and improve the quality of our family , maddressa and minbar and I will fully support any involvement of community members in discussing and improving these very important utilities we use for the " betterment " of our community and spirituality to become " happy"



17/11/13 5:30PM
ID: 8317558

You have nailed the coffin with the survey
God bless


17/11/13 10:21PM
ID: 8318435

There is need to widen the circle of youths who should be brought into the community network. We should not be satisfied with the small number of youths who volunteer and involve in community work. This is a very difficult task and we risk losing our youths to alien values if more and more are not brought into community. It is true that home is the starting point of involvement of such youths in spiritual and social cause. But what can we do if home environment has not helped? Do we just leave these youths believing that one day they would come back into the community? This includes those who have taken up some very good professions.


18/11/13 3:37PM
ID: 8323789

The apartheid khoja system does not have legitimacy in Islam nor is it effective as is evident by the current plight. All shia's need to unite, pool their resources - build and run schools under the leadership of the mujtahids. Employ ulama who are approved by mujtahids and paid by them, i.e,. not dependent on part-time office bearers "elected" by members most of whom are not knowledgeable about religion.


18/11/13 4:16PM
ID: 8324050

I feel this is a very good and worthy project however it is lacking support, both from our leadership as well as the grass root. I think we are very comfortable with the status quo, unless and until our ship is rocked with heavy turbulence nobody will make a move. I feel the problem is that grass root don't appreciate that we do have a problem. So if there is no problem then why change?

At the rate we as a cummunity are going, we might soon end up like an Ismaili community, just a cultural without religious element. Therefore I truly admire your ambition and vision, InshaAllah Allah grants us the wisdom and courage to be able to stand up and address these issues.


18/11/13 4:48PM
ID: 8324479

A strong system and good leadership will invite our Imam to return soon as He is waiting for our preparation. if we have good governance and transparency then we will get closer to inviting our Living Imam from Ghaybat


18/11/13 6:32PM
ID: 8325212

it is a pleasure to be a part of this important survey that is aimed at improving the fulfillment of what many of us fail to effectively prioritise.
it is hoped that the consequent action would lead to a better community as a whole worldwide inshallah
youths should also be given more responsibility to train them to become effective future leaders


18/11/13 7:18PM
ID: 8325399

I think we also need to be very aware of the messages that come from the mimbar. Are these messages driving away youth by making Islam look like it doesnt and cant fit into their modern lives? Does the mimbar not honour the issues the community faces, like gender inequity (why is it that only at the mosque I feel being a female is a disadvantage?), true questioning and reforming of one's faith (why does the mimbar not tackle issues of inheritance, paying double taxes...khums and state tax, not fostering spiritual habits, talking about the Quran in our daily lives outside of the "fazail" of reading...deeper understandings?? From my experience the mimbar dictates the show. People cant accept anything not mentioned on the mimbar. We have to know who goes on there....are they able tofoster the critical thought our youth are taught in school, or do they stamp it out with not honouring their inquiries and simply restating status quo?


18/11/13 9:40PM
ID: 8326131

We lack sincere leadership. When money talks our leasers walk.
I am so saddened about these dancing and prancing leaders, who have their own perosnal psych. social, fianancial issue and pretend in their self righteousness to be able to bring unity and harmony in the communities,when they are sold to the wheelersa and dealers of our co mmuninty who lack moral and ethics.
Pity those who can and have put their houses in order are conveniently side sewpt or swept under the rug.
Our leadership is steered and manipulated by the rich and ruthless


19/11/13 9:37AM
ID: 8328915

Excellent start. wish you all the best.
We need a lot of changes some of which Alhamdulillah have already started. The study of Quran and Arabic must be given top priority amongst our children, something which we adults have grossly and sadly missed in the past due to selfish motives of our spiritual leaders at that time to teach us only Dinyat in Gujerati. Quran was left on shelf for ramadhan (Parrot reading) and weddings only.
In all our Islamic Schools, Arabic/Quran must be made compulsory subject.
All the best and keep up the good work


19/11/13 10:18AM
ID: 8329515

We need a total shake up - clean white board and some coloured pens..


19/11/13 10:30AM
ID: 8329542

Slm, I wish and pray it was as easy to list down and formulate our vision. At core we require honest and sincere leaders. Unfortunately imho majority of these people are busy with priority of raising family, earning for the family and as such something have to give and its usually the community work. again imho those that come forward to lead do not find continiuety of lofty aims we put in place and usually have to start again ....


19/11/13 1:10PM
ID: 8331592

we should have residential alim and leaders who are good in PR and religious guidance who can resolve the current problem of our community youth and meet the challange to attract the youth towards our mosque and center


20/11/13 1:04AM
ID: 8335722

Salamun alaikum
If I may, forgive me I may be blunt. Your approach sounds wrong, we inherited a perfect deen for all time place and space ! Yes our family, our community, our institutions and to a certain extent our eiman are geting dislocated, what? Where? When did we go wrong? What did we missed out? Do we really seek that guidance towards seeratal mustakim which we utter again and again. You are talking of mending family, mimbar and madressa ? Will that do? We will talk about Inshallah, I have to go through your very interesting lectures no doubt. Wa akhiru da'wana a'nil hamdu lillahi rabbil a'lamin. Afwan,


20/11/13 3:42AM
ID: 8336017

My concern is that of our north American born youth. The mimbar is not able to meet their needs as they look through critical lenses and find that we are a closed community. The madrasah and mimbar are not allowing for diverse, critical thinking, thus leaving many of our youths unwelcomed and alienated from our centers.
The family is core, however with our traditional ways of matchmaking, many of our people are having difficulty finding mates within our own communities. They seek elsewhere, often diluting faith and community ties. I feel that the days of the KSI communities are numbered. We're being not only dispersed but we're being diluted and our youth are feeling alienated from their own.


20/11/13 7:28AM
ID: 8336878

Mimbar can be an effective tool when Alims can convey effective message in a language understood by todays generation. However parents also have to push children at acquiring knowledge and wisdom by following the religion. Leaders come at the top most I believe. These are the people whom we see and take as role models. Its very important that they themselves are pious and godfearing and most of all knowledgeable.
The issue here is to bring all these personalities together and keeping all grudges aside and this is only achieve able when all these are practicing muslims and not just labelled muslims


20/11/13 5:21PM
ID: 8342427

Please note that we are also in desperate need to help introduce our youths to find the matching partners in marriage. Mostly the youth boys of our community go outside to find the partners creating imbalance.
We need some concrete representatives who care for our youths, are active, and can go at lengths to introduce these indiviudals, maintaining confidentiality, flexibility and integrity. thanks.


20/11/13 7:52PM
ID: 8343614

We need to follow the teachings of the Prophet sallahu waale wassallam. Not culture etcetera.

The truth is what we need not what we like.


20/11/13 11:03PM
ID: 8344519

A bold step to identify weekness in the CORE.Parents have to wake up. Jamaats should accept shortcomings in minbar and madrasah,hence should take steps to overcome same.equal importance should be given to Religious Education bulk of which should be imparted at community schools leaving more time in Madrasa to teach Fiqh,contemporary issues n character building etc. Jamaats in West should give topmost prioritybto establish Community Schools.
Lastly brain storming sessions should be held to find best ways to implement the GOALS.Duas


21/11/13 4:27AM
ID: 8345211

A lot needs to be done to change our community.
Our current leaders at all levels Local jamats, Africa Federation and World Federation have not set priorities that will change our community.
They are engaging in issues which will take years to sustain the community


21/11/13 1:33PM
ID: 8348813

Thank you and Jazaka'Allah for all your efforts in your support for the awakening project which is very important at this time .


22/11/13 6:30AM
ID: 8353940

we need dedicated members to lead our community so that we can achieve our aims and objectives in coming years to come


22/11/13 10:49AM
ID: 8355312

I will reword question three that the madress and the mimber are the core dissemination tools for our community. They need to disseminate our core values and obligations and this is seriouly lacking especially from the Mimber. Instead of the Mimber being used as a political forum and a commercial avenue for some of our clergy we need our leadeship to clearly identify the gaps in our values, core faith, taqwa (the lack of proper faith and its correct prctice) and our accountability to Allah (SWT). Sadly the correct disemination of this is lacking in our community and that is why we find ourselves in dire need of awakening. The leadership must provide the direction for the clergy and not otherwise. The question remains...does our leadership have the faith and courage to make the hard decisions? If so we have hope if not then we are at a very serious crossroad of our existence as a viable community.


22/11/13 5:58PM
ID: 8359915

Our Islamic community is guided totally by Qur'an in all sphere of life. Qur'an is in Arabic and 70% of our members do not understand Qur'an and hence are deprived of the actual essence of the guidance as intended by Allah. We rely on translation which differs with each translator. From the early period of our establishment, it was necessary to make arrangement for the study of Arabic and it should have been made mandatory to acquire that level of understanding of Arabic that the actual grasp of Qur'an and it's knowledge was obtained almost by the succeeding generation directly by itself.

Hence almost all the members would have been guided from all social and religious issues and good percentage of problems and evils would have been eroded. This fact still stands even for to day.


23/11/13 12:27PM
ID: 8363454

we need to revisit the faith that we have been getting for last 50 years. as the new generation is coming in line our mimbers are still sometimes occupied by alma and fakirs from india subcontinent who still follow traditions which does not have any islamic values. Some of the practices we still do are carrying forward from last 50 years. we need to have criteria for those who are preaching us from minber. we also need to look into matters of taqlid. there is lot of confession within the young group who are not getting the correct answers from the leaders.

we need to use modern technology to keep our community at large in contact with each other through social platform.

thanks for opportunity to contribute to this survey and I pray to Allah to guide us all towards the perfect religion which he sent to us through our Massomin (as). Ameen

wasalaam , rahmallahu walidaik.


23/11/13 4:43PM
ID: 8364221

Out of the three defined core foundations, I feel that the the most important role is of the family unit but at the same time it is the weakest of the three. The reason is that in western world as both parents are generally working, they are not able to pay due attention towards children. as such this becomes the main cause contributing towards the challanges we face in the western world with reference to bringing up our childern according to the values of our faith and culture.


23/11/13 10:21PM
ID: 8365322

We need to evaluate , change our ways if thinking , be ready to learn from other communities and exchange more with new generation on listening their views.
We are far behind then other community in our approach . If we are looking to move in next 50 years then we must look and be ready to change our attitudes , thinking and use our Isksmic thinking positive and bring in science , education and turn the community in to a viberent , progressive and energetic .
This can only happen via Leaders who are running the Jamats. There is not much exchange views and the world federation. should do more . We are behind in
many ways . Mimber should be used to put give better approach towards the religion


24/11/13 1:40PM
ID: 8367513

Many parents feel that the Madras-as are responsible for the religious, cultural and personal growth of the children.
This has to be changed to fit the old adage
' The first school is home' . Not only on the mother's lap but fathers and wider family have responsibilities to also practice what they preach.


25/11/13 7:25AM
ID: 8370737

We definitely need the Jamaats to pay an active role. However I have two additional points to make,
1. Unfortunately a lot of efforts in Jamaats get invested in dealing with local politics and therefore Jamaat is unable to focus on these important areas in a very strategic manner.
2. Also given the deep divisions in ideological issues which have over the last 5-10 years infiltrated the community in various parts of the world, now the Jamaat is not only divided on political lines but additionally on ideological lines as well.
Dealing with this new reality will also create challenges especially while dealing with the strategy of making Mimber and Madressa more and more important - the significant risk being if members don't agree on ideology, they may break away from the Jamaat Mimber and Madressa and set up their own private initiatives. Such breakaway trends are already visible in some parts and is expected to only escalate further. This in my opinion will be a significant challenge for Jamaats to deal with in the coming years.


25/11/13 10:24AM
ID: 8372352

Sadly due to bureaucracy that has slowly built up over the years relating to issues such as madrasah and minbar, to some extent even within the family, bringing forth ideas that are seemingly new, but rather the core islamic ideology free from unnecessary cultures and rituals is a difficult sometimes sadly an impossible task.

It is however motivating to see that people are opening up to logic and positive questioning. I sincerely pray that we may all have the tawfiq to seek the truth, in its entirety, sincerely without the concern of what suits us. This relates to our relationship with the Almighty SWT, matters of Islamic history and jurisprudence and even dealing with fellow people.

If we as a community are able to achieve this, then truly we may be able to say that we are actively seeking to lay a foundation for the reappearance of Al Mahdi atfs. If not, then its a sad truth that our rituals and claims of belief that may not have penetrated the core of our hearts merely act as a form of identification of the khoja community.

I must emphasize the importance of educating ALL members of the community, regardless of age and gender with specific importance to the younger generation. To teach Islamic education alongside secular education so that the first may guide the latter and that the latter may complement the first. Emphasizing on imparting practical knowledge, facts and ilm that will help us become a better people.

Wa Billahi Tawfiq wal Aqibatu lil Muttaqeen.

Salaam alaykum.


26/11/13 5:51PM
ID: 8388594

None. In agreement with your rhetoric.

In terms of poverty, if families are strong and the mimbar also provides guidance, then it will be the social responsibility of the families to take care of the sick, elderly and under previleged.

God has not made even one family without access to a well off relative. That is his neemat and we should try harnessing it as much as we can.


27/11/13 4:18AM
ID: 8390747

I think you need to target youth on this project.


28/11/13 5:24AM
ID: 8400807

The jamaat management excludes capable / knowledgeable / subject matter experts / experienced people to work.

The jamaat management expects to be kissed in order for them to do anything for you - it stinks

The jamaat leaders are not sincere, some of them are worse than mafia.

The jamaat leaders are not with taqwa, they are opportunists and power and fame hungry.

A strong community is build on strong building blocks - the family unit - our families are weak because of poor foundation and women go to work - the kids go astray, it is prevalent in our community, - that is sufficient to ruin us.

Help the family be strong in taqwa, not only in diniyat, the rest will all fall in place.

People are more focused on diniyat - there is no emphasis on azadari and rituals. This is another sure path to disaster. Our parents build very strong communities in Africa because they valued Azadari first, and then followed Ahlebait, and then worried about diniyat. We have it totally backwards.

We have fogotten honesty, love, trust and to say salam alaykum - everyone is a citizen and has job and dollar - the community is thus suffering, because it lacks taqwa.

i can go on and on, let us pray that we imporve InshaAllah.

In our jamaat if a visitor / zakir comes - there is no open forum, everything is hush hush. How can we benefit.?

Thank you for the opportunity


28/11/13 4:25PM
ID: 8406770

Our preachers need to spend more time in the preparation of their lectures.

Duas of our Aimas (Sahifa Sajjadi etc) have treasure of knowledge. Mere translation is not sufficient. We need Tafseer. A ggod example is that of Dua Komail

Also more emphasis should be put on the teachings of our Imams based on various episodes during their life. It is disappointing to see some of our preachers relate "Fadhail" of Imams" just to get applause.

We also need a uniform syllabus for Madressas. I understand that necessary steps have been take in this regards.

Over the years a lot of positive changes have been implemented - we should encourage our youths to input their views.


29/11/13 6:26AM
ID: 8409925

Our community suffers drastically from lack of leadership and eventually any objectives.
We have unfortunately become stagnant if not gone backwards.
Our most influential personality was dogged by petty jamaat politics thus hindering any kind of forward progress.
Identify the problem, build a solution around it.
Get our community to open up and learn from the episode of Karbala.
These are the days when maximum direction to better outselves can be geared. Coming to mosque and just listening to the "yarn" and suffusing to Lamentations is not the prerequisite.
The fundamental issue is to prepare and promot a visionary and daring personality to lead the community.
We are a hard working and financially able to aid ourselves in acquiring the real teachings of Islam.
Let's not be handcuffed to archaic ideology of coming to the mosque is a box ticked.
Choose a leader. Solve the problem.


29/11/13 4:48PM
ID: 8415635

Those Aleem-e-Deen who are using their services for the sake of commercialized Ilme Deen, preaching by viewing the cover they are getting, how can they offer knowledge to anyone. How today's these preacher of knowledge are moving, traveling around the world for the sake of their fame. Deen and Shariah is now used and practice as resell product. Only teaching and guidance of holy Koran and Sunnah is the source to find the right path and this can be achieve and acquire through self effort and hard self research. There are references in Koran about these preachers' who mislead and misguide for the sake of their benefits and profits.


30/11/13 12:05PM
ID: 8418655

Good idea for the survey but I feel the questions are all leading. Its as if the decision has been made and the community is being "tricked" into saying Yes to all the questions, where the answers are obvious.
Jazakallah for your efforts


01/12/13 6:01AM
ID: 8421507

we need to remove madressas and replace them with proper Islamic schools,colleges and universitties.
we are preseently not doing justice to the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt (as) as we are not yet fully aware of them and our roles in this life.


01/12/13 12:57PM
ID: 8422491

The issue of Taqleed and Khums are central to resolving these issues and they are not being addressed. We cannot solve the basic issue of Eid how are we going to solve other issues. Funds of the community are wasted when sent to the Maraja and Taqleed stops our progress in all facets.


01/12/13 5:01PM
ID: 8423274

It would be nice if an early action and progress being made after the result of this survey for the betterment and safety of our community.


01/12/13 11:58PM
ID: 8424588

The Family unit of our community, mimbar and Madressa does contribute a great deal in the progress of our communities in general but further improvements is required in terms of addressing more relevant and current challenges that our youth and community in general is facing.


02/12/13 7:32AM
ID: 8425234

I pray that your efforts and our Mission to CHANGE is successful.


02/12/13 10:22AM
ID: 8426955

What a stupid and incompetent survey! Sibtain bhai you should be ashamed of this. Are my responses only based on Yes and No, with no opportunity for any nuance? Come on! You want to open the spirit of enquiry with this rubbish? This is akin to a classic politician's manner where they engineer the results they want. Very disappointing.


02/12/13 10:51PM
ID: 8433900

I answered all questions 'no' ( despite my real opinion being 'yes' to all questions) was to raise a point, the questions are skewed ( forgive my honesty) - they have been written to get answers that are playing to the questioner. A more appropriate method to all would be to ask open and more neutral questions....


03/12/13 3:15PM
ID: 8441667

There are very confusing messages coming from the manabir. (eg) there is no benefit in reciting the Holy Qur'an if you dont understand?

The concept of Hijab is taught in the madaris however tight jeans are worn in the Madrasah.

Parents openly critisize our Marja e Taqleed in saying he is in Najaf and does not understand our way of life in the West.

This are the few examples that I can only give in this forum the challanges that young muslims face in the west


04/12/13 8:20AM
ID: 8447047

Well done Sibtain
Keep it up


04/12/13 2:47PM
ID: 8452281

Priority needs to be given on organising a new,better core sylabus for madressa reflecting the challenges being faced by families today.
Much is being done from the Mimbar during Muharram /Safar/ Ramadhan. But practical advise needs to be given and discussed covering these challenges.


06/12/13 4:47AM
ID: 8467409

It is my opinion that the Khoja community needs to transform it’s madressa and mimbar institutions drastically if we are to survive as a community that is united in its faith and love for AhlulBait (AS).
Re: Mimbar, it has become evident that the current pool of Aalims is inadequate with regards to addressing contemporary issues, especially in light of the fact that the high percentage of community members are attaining secular education and their view of religious rituals and acceptance is viewed in such a background. Hence, a response of “it is haram to ask such question if you are Shia” is just not adequate and spirals into one distancing themselves from their (Shia) faith at times.
It is for this reason, I believe, that even the religious seminaries (Hawza) in Qom are encouraging and inviting those students who have at least attained a Bachelor level university education. Furthermore, given the advent of internet and social media, our young community members encounter situations where they have to constantly interact with non-Shia Muslims, as well as non-muslims and many find themselves being apologetic about their beliefs as they are unable to engage in a dialogue or explain their faith/religion.
I am also encouraged that Khoja families are now regarding religious education (e.g. if their child wishes to attend Hawza) and as a noble endeavor unlike previous attitudes where it was regarded as a solution for those in the lower echelons of the academic/education spectrum.
Re: Madressa, in contrast to parents partaking actively in childrens’ homework/assignments/teacher-parent meetings etc when it comes to secular education, it is my opinion that parents do not apply the same standards to madressa education. This, obviously, leads to low morale among madressa teachers, who are mostly volunteers, and also sends a message to the students that secular education takes precedence over religious education, which runs counter to the teachings of Ahlul Bait (AS).
Furthermore, given the vast divide, especially due to current technology/gadgets where information is disseminated instantaneously, I wish to suggest that adult classes should also be part of the madressa curriculum to address the challenges parents face when confronted with issues/questions of religious nature involving their children and family.
To illustrate, up until a decade ago, the text books used by students in academia and madressas would be the same from generation to generation unlike today where they change year to year. With regards to religious publications, the availability of so many sources and texts was unheard of previously and students exposure to more information sometimes leads to complex questions and issues that parents find themselves ill equipped to answer as their engrained learning habits remain totally different and slower in the eyes of the following generation. And so it has led to a situation where parents feel they have insufficient knowledge/resources and children remain in distress as they can’t find the answers through elders or teachers. Obviously, they then refer to internet forums/social media which has its inherent risks, especially with regards to misinformation and fake sources.
In this light, one of the subjects that should be discussed in madressa students is the use of internet sources and there should be a program to create a “special filter” in the youth (and parents) that reminds them that not all that they find online is the truth.


06/12/13 5:10AM
ID: 8467450

no doubt our madressas provide us with a strong foundation but our belief in Tawheed and tawakul is so weak that we easily become engrossed in this material world.


07/12/13 9:38PM
ID: 8479964

We need to build a community which does not fear its shadow and tackles contemporary issues head on, whilst preserving the core parts of our culture and traditions.

Our main institutions need to be changed from being pencil pushing, conference holding, blah blah blah administration which are not held in high regard by most of its members to organisations that wakes up to realise that its purpose is not to be an ol' boys club or networking organisations but to serve it members.

The first service the members deserve is a task force established to publish a set of guidance notes for the resident aalim in each of our jamaats.


08/12/13 2:22PM
ID: 8482722

core foundations should be spplemented by tution classes, regular seminars and free debates - discussions - constant probing should be made to identify real problems and assess our resouces financial as well scholars availaility.


09/12/13 3:13AM
ID: 8485258

In this era when Islam is wrongfully dubbed as a religion of terrorist, the Community's concern should be to alleviate these baseless accusations and we should awaken ourselves of rising above the sectarian differences and forge unity with various sects of Muslims and members of other religions. There are certain positive actions taken this past few months and a short paper will be submitted in a few days. Let us rise above our own cocoon for a while and see the world as it unfolds events which are directly/indirectly affecting our youth, How long are we going to acts like frogs who are oblivion of the world outside their wells/ponds?


09/12/13 4:26AM
ID: 8485431

It's about time we have a standard model for all communities in North America to follow.


09/12/13 8:44AM
ID: 8487268

There is a lot to be done. We have not even started a pinch of it. If we stay stagnant then we Shia will be the most ignorant People in this world
Duas and Salaams


09/12/13 3:04PM
ID: 8493213

Mimbar is for issues that affect our societies at present. It is not used effectively at present at all. Most of the problems in our community is culture oriented and not Islamic at all. Yet we find scholars are not addressing these issues. When a society has issues and people in office do not facilitate to address them, then it is my belief that we will be answerable for it.
Also our people are not aware of Fiqh masails that affect our daily lives, a simple example of it is does a father need to nag his grown up son to pray? We may nt know if he needs to do a ghusl and yet the father takes it upon himself to hassle him and feels it is his duty.
I am very happy that this has been initiated and pray together we can make a difference to our communities and prevent unnecessary problems, inshallah. Jk


09/12/13 4:07PM
ID: 8494264

Mashallah Sibtain Bhai, may Allah grant us all the ajr for our dedication and committment to serve our community - Aameen


12/12/13 8:10PM
ID: 8537576

Our Jamaats as they are set up may not be the best institutions to change the status quo. It requires intellectual rigor and free thinking which the Jmaaats are not able to provide,

We need to have Research Institutes that become thought leaders in changing the status quo. This task is best suited to Scholars who have experience of living in the West revisiting the core values and determining their applications appropriate to the times.









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