Survey 4 - Family

4th Awakening Project Survey: "Our Family Life” -


The Awakening project sent out invitations, three months ago, to our community members worldwide to participate in a survey on our family life. The survey is about how you feel about your life together as a family. The survey comprise of 5 sections and a total of 31 questions. The sections are as follows:

  • Demographics
  • Family and Home Life
  • Family and Wider Society
  • Family and KSIM Community Services
  • Family, Marriage and Youth Life in the KSIM Community.

The aim of this survey is to inform ourselves on the state of our family life and how together as a community we can bring about improvement through our community institutions. The survey is still ongoing as we wish to reach our community in the Indian subcontinent and Pakistan and also to reach to the level of validity and acceptance. As the results begin to filter through, more trends will be added. The implications of the trends discovered so far in the survey are being analysed. However, I can share some preliminary conclusions with you all. This will assist our community leadership, particularly, in their deliberations as they prepare for the forthcoming World Federation Triennial Conference to be held in May 2017 in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Preliminary Conclusion: Key trends

  • KSIMC has largely cohesive, loving and emotionally stable units yet there is a minority who do not share in this and may suffer from mental, emotional, aging, financial and disability problems.
  • Technology and social media are increasingly getting in the way of family time
  • KSIMC families fairly confident that their children know how to use the internet
  • Most KSIMC families feel safe in their neighbourhood
  • Most KSIMC families are happy with the variety of financial and health support their government provides in the west but further investigation is required to specific problems within certain communities around the world.
  • KSIMC may need to offer a variety of financial, health and mental support to minority of KSIMC members who suffer from specific problems (e.g age, disability etc…) – especially where the government is not supporting them.
  • KSIMC families are largely happy with spiritual and communal activities of their centre but a notable minority are dissatisfied.
  • A number of KSIMC families believe leaders are not accessible or do not listen to them.
  • KSIMC do not offer sufficient opportunities for marriage to their youths – there is huge dissatisfaction amongst families here.

  • All the above statistics may change as community diversity increases, technology changes and people marry outside of the community or not at all.
Full analysis:
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